It’s currently 3.11am and I’m sat in bed holding a drowsy baby. Little Miss has had a small feed and a nappy change. Unfortunately she suffers from a lot of wind and hiccups because she gulps down her food. Due to this I have to keep her upright for 15-20mins after a feed. She’s currently dropping off so I’ll put her down in a minute.

Well the past two weeks have flown by! Hubby’s paternity leave is now finished and he’s back at work tomorrow. He’s currently sleeping next to me but he’ll be getting up in 4 hours. Tomorrow is going to be the real test for me – trying to survive a day on my one with her. Actually I tell a lie, mam’s got a day off tomorrow so she’ll be here to help out. The hubby has been so fantastic over the past two weeks though – I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without him. Tell you one thing, I have new found respect for single parents!

This weekend we didn’t go out of the house as we had people visiting. On Saturday hubby’s best friend came over. He brought a pressie for Little Miss – a cute fluffy bodysuit with a hood and ears! He stayed for most of the day – we had bacon sandwiches for lunch then hubby and his friend went to the garage (aka the games room) to play some Warhammer. Hubby had a nice time which was good.

Later on one of work friends came over with a card from my colleagues. They had done an office whip round and I received £43 from them. This will either go against something for Little Miss or be banked in her savings account. People have been so generous with gifts – she’s received some teddies, clothes and money. She’s received almost £400 which we’ll put into her savings account – she has more money than me!!

At about 9pm on Saturday I decided to make some gluten free cakes for my friend and her mother who were due to visit on Sunday. I made the mix with some gluten free plain flour and then the recipe said to add some baking soda. I thought I had some but after ransacking the cupboard I found that apparently no I didn’t have any. So I sent hubby down to Tesco to get me some. Recipe said to cook for 15 – 18mins so I put them in. After 15mins the cakes were still bubbling so I left them in for the remaining 3 mins. Unfortunately at this point Little Miss has a fit of projectile vomiting which sent hubby into panic and I had to rush to the front room to take care of her. She was fine – just had eaten too much but needless to say, my cakes were a bit crisp shall we say. They weren’t too bad just a little crispy around the edges. I made them all to be butterfly cakes. I think they turned out quite well considering it’s the first time trying gluten free baking!

We went to bed at around midnight as hubby was watching the end of a Narnia film. Little Miss slept through until 3.30am when I got up to feed and change her. She then slept until 7.30am and we got up. The morning was spent doing some tidying and hubby watching some football programme. Midwife came at around 1pm and said that everything was ok. In fact we have now been discharged from midwife care. If we have any concerns then we can still ring them up until Little Miss is 28days old but otherwise we won’t see the midwife again until we have the next one or if we bump into her locally. Shame really as I really liked my midwife – she was lovely!

Well in the end my friend and her mam didn’t turn up. My friend is currently expecting her third baby and she wasn’t feeling very well. She also lost her phone so couldn’t get in touch to let me know she wasn’t coming over. Shame as I was really looking forward to seeing her as I haven’t seen her in over a month! And also I now have a dozen cakes that need eating! (That is not a problem:) )

I’m hoping that now most of our friends and family have been to see her there will be less visitors which means I can hopefully have a few naps during the day. I know that there’s still some people who haven’t been to see her for example my two best friends, and two of my bosses have also said they will come over next month. In fact one of my bosses said that she’ll come over and do some washing for me!! I doubt she will and even if she offered I really don’t want my boss to be doing my washing!!

Ok time to try and put Little Miss back in bed for a bit.


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