Proud to be Welsh

Welsh flag

Here in Wales we celebrate St David’s Day on the 1st of March. He is the patron saint of Wales. People celebrate all things Welsh on this day and the most obvious way to mark the occasion is to wear a daffodil.

Welsh Language

In Wales there’s a native language called Welsh. Not everyone in Wales speaks it but in the county I live a lot of people do. In fact in the county I live education is taught in Welsh and then in English if there’s a non Welsh speaker in the class.

My native language is Welsh. I use it everyday at home and at work. The funny thing is that even though both hubby and I are Welsh speakers we tend to speak a lot of English to each other. Reason for this is that when we first met we started speaking English to each other as we were at accountancy college with English speakers. He is also more comfortable speaking English because he went to an English primary school and all his friends are English speakers.

Since Little Miss has been born we have been making the effort to speak Welsh to each other. This is really for her benefit. When she goes to school she’s going to need to be able to speak Welsh. Being able to speak Welsh will also help her in the future if she wants to work locally as most places here find that a bilingual speaker is an advantage. And also it’s always good to be able to speak another language.


Rugby is a sport that the Welsh are mad for!! Over here there’s an annual tournament called the Six Nations which Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy compete in. Everyone seems to go bonkers over this tournament!

I must admit that I’m not into the rugby as much anymore. When I was younger I also was mad about it but these days not so much. I think it’s because I’m mad about the F1 and normally I find people are passionate about one sport.

This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy watching the rugby – I do but I’m not fussed if I miss a game.


I know I’m biased but I firmly believe that Wales has the most beautiful flag in the world!!



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  1. Kelly
    9th March 2014 / 7:15 pm

    Wow you’re bilingual! Was it hard learning English or did you learn that early on in life? That is just so cool, I wish I spoke two languages!

    Rugby is such a hardcore sport. I don’t know how those players don’t hurt themselves badly. I love (American) Football and Basketball.

    In America we have a flag for our country, then a flag for each of the 50 states that compromise our country. Is that how it works in Wales also? Such a cool flag!

    • Becster
      9th March 2014 / 9:27 pm

      Yes I’m bilingual and it is really cool! English came naturally as you’re exposed to English everyday in Wales so really you learn both Welsh and English in tandem. I also learnt French whilst at school. I haven’t spoken it in over 10 years so I’ve forgotten most of it. If I had to I’m pretty sure I could pick it up again.

      Yeah rugby is pretty hardcore! Some players can have horrific injuries! Shame Wales lost to England today. 🙁 I’ve never seen American Football nor basketball I know it’s a big thing in the US!

      It’s kind of the same in the UK. UK consists of four countries – Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each has it’s own flag – but the Welsh one is the best!!

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