What’s New In Our Toy Box?

Toy Box August 2017

The girls have been given many gifts over the last couple of weeks what with a birthday, holiday and some freebies in the post. So let me give you a run down of the latest things in our toy box.

My Little Pony Racers

MLP Racers

This is a gift given to Miss Mostyn for her birthday. I believe it was from my Dad but I can’t be sure. Anyhow, it goes great with the other mini My Little Ponies she was given for Christmas. Both the girls love watching the racing cars. And I must admit, I do as well!

Itty Bittys

Itty Bittys

I saw these at BlogOn back in May and thought they were so cute! I was given a Lion Itty Bitty on the day and since then I’ve been sent this awesome set of superhero Itty Bittys. Little Miss LOVES them! She’s been carrying them around in her backpack ever since she’s received them. She even took them for a trip to the Eisteddfod last week. She’s now learnt who they all are so maybe it’s time I introduce her to some superhero films?

Minions 3D Puzzle

3D Minions Puzzle

This is an item received in the BlogOn goodie bag which I came across last week whilst tidying up. It states on the box that it’s for ages 7 upwards and yes most definitely not suitable for my two girls. I’m not sure if I’ve even  understood how to do it! To be fair, Little Miss did manage to do it with the help of my friend. They did a good job!

Peppa Pig

Danny Dog

Our toy box is full of Peppa Pig stuff but now we have a few more! Well we couldn’t go to Peppa Pig World and not buy a new toy right? So we bought this little Danny Dog figurine.

Water Painting Doodle Mat

Water Painting Mat

This is another freebie from the BlogOn goodie bag. Girls got hold of it over the weekend and managed to have a full blown argument over who got to colour the pink bit! So now I need to buy another one! But a lot of fun was had (in between the rowing at least).

I might turn this into a series if people enjoy it! Please let me know down below.

What’s new in your toy box?

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