Yet Another Wedding!

I only posted about my cousin’s wedding the other day despite the fact I’ve been trying to get the post written up for over a week! I actually posted it en route to another wedding! This was the fourth wedding for me to attend this year! But I’m not winning our family leaderboard though:

Hubby – 5 weddings *
Me – 4 weddings
Little Miss – 3 weddings

* technically one of these were a first wedding anniversary celebration. The couple got married in secret last year and decided to have a steampunk wedding celebration for their anniversary instead. I didn’t go to that wedding even though I was invited.

So this wedding was hubby’s 5th, my 4th and Little Miss’ 3rd…..

This wedding was the wedding of hubby’s Warhammer friends. Both the bride and groom are into Warhammer and they go to a lot of tournaments together. They live near Manchester so this was another away wedding which meant having to pack all of Little Miss’ gear again!

The couple got married at a church and then had the do at a local hotel. They both looked lovely and they had a nice time! Little Miss enjoyed herself on the whole but I didn’t! Because of us all being stuck in one room, the disco music was way too loud! There was nowhere to escape to! I ended up going upstairs early with Little Miss but hubby got annoyed with me because of this. It ended up with us having a bit of a row. He went back down to his friends but he didn’t have a good time. He felt excluded from the activities and I worry that was because of me.

The following morning wasn’t much better. I hadn’t realised how little I was drinking the night before and it was sooooo hot in the hotel. It brought on a nasty case of cystitis! I’ve become more susceptible to them since having Little Miss. So we headed for home very early.

So unfortunately this wedding was not the best for me. It was unfortunate that I was ill and also that my grandmother had died the previous Wednesday. (That’s an upcoming post).

Sometimes I just have shit weekends!! How about you?


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  1. 17th Sep 2014 / 7:24 am

    Sorry to hear about your grandma.

    Jan’s colleague also got married in secret then, one year later, had a wedding celebration. His was a late afternoon barbecue though and they had a live band for the evening, so that was nice.

    My cousin is getting married next year but I’m not sure yet whether I’m invited. My other cousin in New Zealand has received a “Save the Date” card, but I haven’t had anything.

    • Becster
      17th Sep 2014 / 12:15 pm

      Thank you for your condolences.

      I think the secret wedding then a big bash for an anniversary is a good idea! I’d imagine there’s less pressure on the “big day” since it’d only be the two of you…. and then all the drinking can take place the following year when there isn’t a white dress to trash!! 🙂

      Oh no well hopefully you’re card is on it’s way!!

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