5 Songs To Get You Going In The Morning

My morning consists of getting up at 6.40am, have a shower, get the girls up, have breakfast and run out the door by 8am! So I really don’t have time to wake up really!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but my morning commute is about 40mins in the morning. So I listen to a fair bit of music in the car. There are certain songs that are guaranteed to wake me up. These 5 songs are my go to songs if I need to get myself going….

Meatloaf¬†– I’d Do Anything For Love (album version)

Oh my word I LOVE this song! It’s just so powerful! My favourite bit is at 4.53 minutes where the song instead of goes back down to a slow-er ballad-ish it turns up and becomes all rock-God on you! Oh and I should note that the album version of this song is over 10 minutes long!!

The Runways – Cherry Bomb

This one was on the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy (a fabulous soundtrack!). It is definitely a turn it up loud song!

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

I’m a little late into the whole Taylor Swift movement but I’m here now! I bought her 1989 album recently and can’t switch it off. There are a number of great songs on there but of course the main one to get you going is this one!

Oh and I just had to share this video….

Meatloaf –¬†Out Of The Frying Pan (**)

Yes another Meatloaf song!

I absolutely love the lines:

“You were only killing time and it’ll kill you right back!”
“You’ve got nothing to do and even less to lose”

A very good motto to live by in my opinion. If Im feeling down then this song is a sure thing to lift my mood.

Lady GaGa – Scheibe

I absolutely LOVE this song! Which is a bit odd since I was never into the techno scene. Weirdly my friend who was into dance music isn’t keen on this one… Whilst the lyrics don’t make any sense at all – it’s meant to be German but she’s actually talking random German sounding words – it’s another song I crank up in the car!

Crank these up to full volume(*) and sing your heart out! Give it a go!

(* please do not put it on full volume as I don’t want to be blamed if you deafen yourself. Be sensible yeah?!)

(** I could have listed a 3rd Meatloaf song but I thought it’d be too much! I would just recommend you listen to the whole Bat Out Of Hell 2 album – it is fab!)


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  1. 25th Jan 2016 / 9:31 am

    hehehe! Meatloaf is awesome to get you going in the morning…
    I can’t hear that Taylor Swift song now without thinking of Dwayne Johnson. lol

    • 26th Jan 2016 / 8:45 pm

      Meatloaf’s album is a sure thing to get me up and at em! And yes I can’t hear that song without seeing The Rock do the shake it off moves either!!

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