Friday Favourites Week 1

Australian Actors

I think it’s quite possible that I have a “thing” for Aussie/Kiwi actors! A lot of my favourite ones are Australian or New Zealanders. (And of course my favourite sportstar is also an Aussie but I will hold back on the Mark Webber crushing for another day)

Richard Roxburgh

He may not be as well known as some of his fellow countrymen but I think he’s ace! You may recognise him as the The Duke in Moulin Rouge or Hugh Stamp in Mission Impossible 2 but to me he will always be Count Vladislaus Dracula.

Now a lot of people say that Van Helsing is a crap film but I love it and it may or may not be down to this man’s portrayal of Dracula. I don’t know why but I was instantly attracted to him and I reckon he makes for one sexy vampire!

He also starred as Neil in the film The One And Only which is set in Newcastle-upon-Tyne so he gets to test his Geordie accent. I love Geordie accents so of course this film only served to make him even more attractive! Oh! And he dances with a little kid in it! <3

Hugo Weaving

Ok when I looked him up on Imdb I found out that he was born in Nigeria but moved to Australia when he was a teen. I consider him to be Australian anyway!

He’s been in a lot of big films – Lord Of The Rings, The Matrix, V For Vendetta – but to me he will forever be Mitzi del Bra in The Adventure of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The film is about three transvestites travelling a cross the Australian outback in a bus (called Priscilla). It also star Guy Pearce (recently in Iron Man 3) and Terence Stamp. If you haven’t seen the film t hen it us we’ll worth a watch.

Honorable Mentions

Grant Bowler

Ok ok so I don’t know much about this one but he’s gorgeous! I only know him as Conor Owens in Ugly Betty which is what I’m currently addicted to (post about this coming up shortly!).

Hugh Jackman

He played the title role in Van Helsing but of course he’s most famous for playing Wolverine in the X Men series. He was also in Real Steel recently which I really enjoyed – hey can’t go wrong with fighting machines!!

David Wenham

Most people will recognise him as Faramir in Lord Of The Rings, to me he’s Carl in Van Helsing!

Karl Urban

Another Kiwi! He played Eomer in Lord Of The Rings and Judge Dredd in Dredd (which was an utter shite film!) but my favourite role has to be Bones in Star Trek (which in contrast to Dredd was an excellent remake!).

Considering then amount of links I have to I feel like they should sponsor this post! It’s one of my favourite websites – I love my films! I should note that this is not a list of my overall favourite actors as it doesn’t include greats like Tom Hanks (who I’ve “met”!) , Alan Rickman (who was 68 today!) and Jeremy Irons. No doubt I will post about Die Hard one day!

So who’s your favourite actors? Have you got a “pattern”?


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  1. Kelly
    24th Feb 2014 / 8:59 pm

    I’m not a movie buff so I haven’t seen any of the films on here, however Grant Bowler….wow! Might be an incentive to watch his haha

    • Becster
      25th Feb 2014 / 3:15 am

      Nice huh?!

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