Baby has arrived!!

Well baby arrived on January 10th after a horrendous labour! I didn’t get the miracle homebirth I had planned but ended up in hospital.

Because Little Miss was determined she didn’t want to leave her comfy home of 9months, I had to go into hospital and had to be induced on Thursday morning (9th). I was lucky that my next door neighbour was on shift on Thursday evening as she took me through to the labour ward earlier than I should have. Also I was lucky that I was the only one in giving birth that evening! They phoned my husband to come in at 3am and he was with me until the end.

I had every sort of pain killer on offer – gas & air, diamorphine, an epidural and the spinal injection. My husband said that I was high as a kite after the diamorphine and the anaesthetist explained why – apparently it’s a small shot of heroin! I’m not saying yay to drugs but oh my god it was wonderful to take the pain away! By 4pm on Friday there hadn’t been much progress so the doctor talked to us and said we could either try for another 2 hours or go for a Caesarian section now. Considering it had taken me over 24hours to dilate to about 4cm (needed to get to 10) then what difference would another 2 hours make? So to theatre we went. By this point the epidural had worn off and the top ups weren’t working. They had to give me the spinal injection in the end so to make sure I didn’t feel anything. I was awake during the operation but couldn’t feel a thing – I also couldn’t see what they were doing as there was a screen between me and belly. My husband was in theatre with me so when they pulled Little Miss out we both got to see her together. It was very emotional!

I was transferred to the recovery ward with my newborn and hubby was sent home. Both baby and I were still drugged up from all the painkillers that I don’t remember much. I remember that I was the only one in recovery that first night and I couldn’t move my legs. I think I must have slept except for when baby needed feeding.

It got busier over the weekend with other women giving birth. I was breastfeeding whilst in hospital but Little Miss was refusing to latch on. Then she would get annoyed and have a tantrum, refuse to calm down and so would not latch on again! She did on occasions but mostly I had to express and then feed it via syringe to her. After the horrendous night I had on Sunday I decided on Monday morning to switch to formula and boy was it so much easier on both of us. She would get the feed without getting upset which meant I didn’t get upset – there is nothing worse than seeing your baby screaming with no way of calming her down.

Because I had a c-section I had to stay in for at least 48hours and they wouldn’t let me go home unless they knew I could feed her properly. Which is is also another reason I opted for the bottle. They keep preaching about the benefits of breastfeeding at these antenatal classes and in all the booklets but they don’t say how difficult it is! I had always said I would try but if it didn’t work then I wouldn’t feel guilty if I went to formula. I don’t regret the decision.

On Monday evening I was finally discharged and got to go home with my baby girl. It was so much better to be home because I could finally get some sleep! I left hubby in charge of baby for a while so I could get some rest. He’s brilliant with her!


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