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Helene in Between

Day 16. Fall/Autumn Fashion

Now it is true that I am not a very fashionable person! My sense of style is pretty much – jeans, t-shirt and of course my Mark Webber hoodie. The only time I’m even remotely fashionable is when I go to work. Although maybe not fashionable but (hopefully) it’s smart casual dress. Usually it’s black trousers, some sort of top and a cardigan. My favourite cardigan at the moment is this cape style one. It makes me feel like Batman!! Haha!

As for Autumn fashion, I see some beautiful women dressed up in skinny jeans, frilly boots, trendy jumpers and scarves. They look beautiful but I could never carry it off. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered getting dressed up in the mornings! This is why I would need a personal stylist!

love the autumn leaves print on the leggings / nice poncho but could never pull off the leather pants / ah Winter jumpers! / love boots!

My fashion doesn’t change throught the year. I wear the same stuff in Winter as I do in Summer. The weather doesn’t change too much. When it is hot and sticky in Summer I just take off the Mark Webber hoodie. If it’s cold and damp in the Winter then I add on a coat over my Mark Webber hoodie! (Am I slightly obsessive me about my hoodie? Never!!20140706-185542-68142481.jpgHave you got a favourite outfit picked out for this Autumn/Fall?


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  1. 16th Oct 2014 / 11:23 am

    Danger Mouse! And Gizmo!! You have fabulous T-shirts.

    I’m happy that it’s started to get slightly cooler so I can wear my autumn dresses again. I worke one with bizarre sheep on the other day 😀

  2. 17th Oct 2014 / 12:51 am

    I think the real definition of “stylish” is wearing what you love and what you feel comfortable in – I love all your tees!!

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