Blogtober14 – Most Embarrassing Moment

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Day 29 Prompt – Most Embarrassing Moment

Well we’re almost at the end of Blogtober14! Can’t believe I’ve managed it so far! So today’s prompt is “Most embarrassing moment”. I can get embarrassed very easily and most often than not moments come from me not understanding what’s going on before I open my mouth and thus end up saying something stupid!

A prime example of this was not understanding that the bloke I was talking to was my boss whilst on school work experience. So when I was asked to go get the documents from the boss I go up to the bloke and ask him “so where’s the big boss man today then?”. Err a bit of an embarrassing moment.

I’ve had a few similar incidents since but one moment that sticks in my memory is nothing to do with faux pas but a tripping over incident! This happened years ago now…. I was wearing a pair of beautiful slightly flared black pin stripe trousers. Oh I loved those trousers… until the day I tripped! I was running late coming back from lunch so I ran over the road but I managed to get myself tangled in my trousers!! I fell flat on my face… it was spectacular! It came as such a shock though (because I didn’t expect to fall and I whacked my head on the kerb!) and I burst out crying! Fair play a lovely little lady came over and helped me up and even walked me back to the office. She had seen me hit my head and was worried I’d have concussion! Needless to say those beautiful pair of trousers went to the bin as soon as I got home!

What was your most embarrassing moment?


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