Daily Diaries #001


Kate at Relokate hosts a weekly link up where you basically write about your week.. or even just a day! I have participated before but I’m restarting my count!


After a week of fiddling about with the Apple TV box we decided it wasn’t for us so had to take it back. Unfortunatyely the closest Apple Store to us is in Liverpool so we went to Liverpool for the day.

First stop in Liverpool was The Entertainer – a toy shop. Hubby saw a “talky-computer” for Little Miss for Christmas. The shop was packed full of people and kids that we decided to go back afterwards. We went to Primark and it was hectic there as well! But we did end up spending £55 on new clothes for Little Miss. We couldn’t resist the Christmas jumpers!


Next stop was Apple Store where they refunded us the £80 with no bother at all. From there we walked around and went to Game so hubby could part exchange his very old iPod which is no longer being used.

Whilst they tested it to see if it worked we went to find lunch. I had had my heart set on another crepe (had one the weekend before) but unfortunetly the market wasn’t there on Saturdays! So back to Debenhams where I had yet another Christmas dinner. Hubby had the soup and Little Miss had her usual pots.

Back to Game where they had decided to give hubby £45 for the iPod – not bad considering it’s been sitting in a drawer for the past 4 years! After leaving the shop hubby realised that they’d buggered up the order and had in fact given him about £70! I don’t understand how that happened but he was happy.

We went home, gave Little Miss her evening meal and then straight to bed. She hadn’t slept all day and so we didn’t bother with a bath.

Someone had fireworks going off close to us so the dogs went potty! I sat in the front room trying to calm them down but they just kept barking and barking. Damn fireworks! Thankfully Little Miss managed to sleep through the noise! We watched the Austin GP qualifying before hubby tried out his new WiiU. (He had exchanged his XBox One for the WiiU the previous day). Whilst he was playing that I played some Sims (3 not 4!) because I hadn’t for a while! Yes we are geeks! 😀


We went visiting to my hometown. I hadn’t seen Dad since beginning of September so I’d said we were going to come up. Thankfully he actually stayed at home this time so I wouldn’t miss him. We spent about 2 hours there. Little Miss played with my little brother (he’s 4) and it was fun watching her trying to pester him!!

We then went to see Nain and had lobscows with her. It was really nice! Little Miss had her food. She was wearing her Halloween outfit (Nain wanted to see her in it and I wanted to get some use from it!) and managed to not get her food all over it!!

We stayed at Nain’s for around 2 hours before leaving to catch Tesco before it closed. We had to do some shopping since we had no food in the house.

Got home and played with Little Miss and her toys for a while. She managed to stay standing on her own for quite a while which is good but scary!

Then the usual of food and bed for Little Miss and then some TV time with the pups.


Work again! Same old stuff but still enjoyable. At lunch I pop to Asda and buy Little Miss some new vests since she’s outgrown her 6-9 month ones – to be fair she will be 10 months next week! I also dropped off some old baby food jars at the shop opposite us so she can use them for her wedding stuff. They’ll look quite cute decorated with tealights. I think they’ll look lovely:

After getting home I have some Little Miss cuddles. She’s now started saying “Mammamamamam” which I’m pretty sure is “Mam”! So it’s lovely hearing “Mamamamamam” as I come in through the door.

We had stir fry for supper and since I was in charge of Little Miss for supper I shared some of our stir fry with her. She tried some of it but most of it ended up on the floor (and then in pups’ mouths).

We had a bath and hubby put her to bed. Then the usual happened – some TV time with the pups before going to bed.


Hubby’s birthday today! So I got up a bit early and wrote in his cards. He gets two this year – one from me, and one from Little Miss. I had bought him a box of marshmallows from her. Since I had compeltely forgotten about his birthday his present hasn’t arrived in time so he can have it when it arrives. It’s a WiiU controller and he ordered it himself!!

Mam offered to babysit for us so we went out to the Indian restauarant. We had such a warm welcome from the owner (we used to visit his old restauarant A LOT!) and he gave hubby a glass of wine for free. When he gave us the menus he asked if there was any point since we always order the same! So we asked him to choose something for us. I would highly recommend this restaurant – although having looked at TripAdvisor I was so shocked to see the bad comments from people. I can honestly say we’ve never experienced anything bad at this restaurant (except for a small delay on a Saturday evening when it was busy). The only thing I can think of is that people have mistaken this place for Sopna at Llanrug. Since the owner left to setup Sopna Menai Bridge, Sopna Llanrug has really gone downhill. I could beluieve the bad comments if they were referring to that place. The one in Menai Bridge is just fantastic! In fact I had planned on doing a Foodie Friday post about it for today (Friday the 7th but I didn’t get round to finish typing it!)



Hubby has completed the nursery form and handed in. So it’s official! She’s booked in to start at the nursery! She’ll be going there from January onwards but we’ve booked her in for settling days on December 15 & 16th. Basically I will take her there and stay with her for the day so she gets used to a new environment but having a familiar face there as well. We took her in for 15minutes when we were assessing the place and she was fine!


This was only yesterday yet I can’t think what happened!! OH! Little Miss had an appointment with the eye specialist at the hospital. She has a slight squint but the specialist said it was nothing to worry about. She’ll probably grow out of it.

Work in the afternoon!


Work today! It was not good! Felt majorly stressed out today which ended up in me having a whinge to one of the bosses and was told to take a break, go for a walk and for me not to come to work this weekend!! Good ‘cos I wasn’t planning on it!!

So that was my Daily Diaries for this week! How has your week been?


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  1. 25th Nov 2014 / 5:51 pm

    seems like a great week, happy (very) belated birthday to your hubby!

    • Becster
      26th Nov 2014 / 12:11 pm

      Thanks! The week after was not so good thanks to a lovely headcold!

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