Inigo Jones Slate Works

Inigo Jones Slate Works

This post is all about our recent trip to Inigo Jones Slate Works. Let’s start off with…

My Love Of Slate

If you know me at all then you’ll know I’m from a slate mining town and so I love my Welsh slate. I have mentioned Llechwedd Slate Caverns before and I share pictures of slate mining remnants on my Instagram…. this one is my favourites and was actually my second photo ever on Instagram.

Vivian Quarry Llanberis

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Inigo Jones Slate Works

I was therefore naturally attracted to the Inigo Jones Slate Works in Penygroes. It’s been there for years and I’m ashamed to say that it took me until this year to finally visit! Before I mention our visit I’ll give you some background about the slate works, well actually I will let John Lloyd the managing director of Inigo Jones give you some background…

We decided to visit one sunny afternoon in June because I had said to hubby that I NEEDED to visit to show him some fabulous products – or in other words to possibly give him some Christmas/Birthday gift ideas. The Jigsaw Coasters I shared above are just one product that I think I need in my life!

Anyway I digress…..

Inigo Jones Slateworks


We headed in and paid for two adult tickets for the self-guided tour (kiddos were free!), got given the headsets and instruction and were pointed towards the opening video presentation. The short presentation needs a bit of an update I think because it talks about the quarrying at Aberllefenni but that quarry has closed since 2003. But even so, it was still a good video showing how the slate was extracted from the mines.

Inigo Jones Slateworks

After the video you are instructed to put the headphones on and follow the instructions given on the recording. The first exhibits are contained in this shed and has numerous times of interest including old tools used in mining, various slate from around the world detailing the different colours. There’s also details of how slate is formed.

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Old Railway Siding

Next stop was the old railway siding which is near Lon Eifion. There’s a lot of excess slate everywhere and an old crane. The tour explained that no piece of slate is ever thrown away as something can be made even from the smallest piece – hence all the slate bits everywhere!

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Moving on from the Lon Eifion stop you are taken into the old workshops where there’s a plethora of old machines. The tour also explained how there used to be an old water wheel in there generating electricity and how it was replaced by a generator when a local double decker bus crashed into the pipes carrying the water over the road.

Inigo Jones Slateworks

After the workshops you’re directed towards the next building where there’s a beautiful slate fireplace. What’s quite gutting to me is that I’ve found out after putting in new stud walling that there’s a slate fireplace in our house!

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Upstairs in this building is the old style classroom – this is the only bit we couldn’t take a pram to. Along the walls and in the display boxes you have the history of communication. Fascinating little display. Oh and also you have the chance to try some engraving. Safety glasses are provided!!

Facilities and Contact Details

Inigo Jones Slateworks

Inigo Jones Slate Works – website / Facebook / Twitter

It was a lovely little day out and I would highly recommend it. As mentioned, you can take the pram around everywhere other than upstairs to the classroom. There’s plenty of parking space and a cafe on location. There’s also a shop selling all manner of slate products including jewellery and this wonderful set of jigsaw coasters.

Have you ever visited Inigo Jones? If not, have I persuaded you to go yet?!

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  1. 24th Jul 2016 / 11:18 pm

    That Instagram photo is amazing!! I really love the slate coasters there too – I think I could spend a small fortune too!

  2. mummyofboygirltwins
    25th Jul 2016 / 10:37 am

    Looks SO interesting and really lovely, I adore slate and anything made from natural materials. 🙂 xx

  3. 26th Jul 2016 / 4:39 pm

    It look really interesting there! I love place were kids can go in free with a paid adult! and those coasters are really cute! and I downloaded pokemom go because of the hype, but I don’t have internet out of the house to go around playing it :/

  4. 28th Jul 2016 / 3:05 pm

    It looks like a fun day out. It’s a shame I didn’t visit it when I was in holiday in Wales, but I will visit it in our next holiday there. 🙂 x

  5. me and b make tea
    22nd Aug 2016 / 11:41 am

    this sounds fab 🙂 I remember visiting North Wales as a kid and mum and dad bringing back lots of slate! #KCACOLS

  6. James Hopes
    22nd Aug 2016 / 9:05 pm

    Sounds like you had a great time in some lovely weather! Beautiful pictures too! #KCACOLS

  7. Rebecca weatherall
    23rd Aug 2016 / 10:00 pm

    What a lovely day out. This has opened my eyes to the beauty of slate. I love the fireplace and the coasters! #KCACOLS

  8. Madeline Littlejohns
    1st Sep 2016 / 10:08 am

    Sounds like a lovely day out, and I think I’d have to avoid the gift shop if I went because I’d want to buy everything there, I love things made from slate! x #KCACOLS

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