#LplBlogEvent Goodie Bag

I have (FINALLY) had time to sit down and go through the fabulous goodie bag received st the #LplBlogEvent. Here’d what was inside the bright red CEX bag (which got my hubby so excited because he thought I’d bought him a present!):

Lush Spa Liverpool

Lush Spa Liverpool

There was a lovely little bag of Lush products which included a “9-5” cleanser, “Ultrabland” cleanser and a bright pink bar of soap. Being Lush products they’re all hand made with all natural products.


Bee Good

The little envelope contained a creme cleanser and a muslin cloth. I’ve come across BeeGood before (remember those cute chocolate buttons at the #PartyAtTheAngel?) and they use honey, wax etc from British bees in their products.

Taking Shape

Taking Shape

There was a catalogue and some flyers and a nice nail file. Such a shame I’ve started chewing my fingernails again! I had a browse through the catalogue and there’s some nice stuff in there.


Derma V10

There was a box of goodies from DermaV10 which included
– make off mitt
– strawberry body butter
– revitalising eye roll on (to combat the dark circles)
– night creme
– moisturiser

I’m going to give the revitalising eye roll on a go because I’m constantly tired I look like I’ve been done 5 rounds against Tyson! I’ll let you know how it goes.



There was a little tube of skin care creme and moisturising oil. The skin care creme says it’s suitable for babies so I might just use it on Little Miss because she has a bit of dry skin on her cheeks at the moment.

Pop Chips

Pop Chips

Included in the goodie bag was a bag of salted Pop Chips which were very nice I must admit! They’re crisps but they’re not baked or fried or whatever but instead are heated under pressure until they pop. I will definitely buy some of these.



Also included was some flyers and discounts from Hannah at Motives Cosmetics, Cheerz (photo printing service), Beau XOXO (hair accessories) & HoobyNoo World (cute jewellery!). Also there was a little tube of hand creme from Crabtree and Evelyn which should come in handy over the next few weeks.

What do you think of all the goodies?!


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