Sitting outside

It was sunny and warm this morning so I decided to sit in the garden to have my breakfast. We have quite a sizeable garden which is lucky since we have 2 dogs. It’s a shame that they don’t run around much!

20130923-223343.jpgOur garden is a bit of a scruff at the moment. When we moved in there were lots of bushes under the large trees but I’ve taken them out by now. The only trouble is that it’s left the grass rather patchy. We’ve put grass seed down but it’s taking a while to grow.

At the far end of the garden we have a dog run. The plan was to put the dogs in this during the day so that they would run around but after some dogs were stolen in the local area I won’t put them in it. Such a shame. But to be honest I don’t think our pups would run around in it. They’d just sleep all day! Lazy pups!

What I’d like to do is have a beautifully landscaped garden but unfortunately I don’t have the budget for it. So for now I’m going to have to put with this scruffiness. I can’t even plant some nice flowers because the dogs would only dig them up! Maybe I’ll find some time to become all green thumbed whilst I’m off on maternity next spring! I can’t wait to sit outside with the baby! 🙂


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