Blog On Winter 2016 (#BlogOnMSI)

Blog On MSI Winter

On Sunday the 25th September I attended Blog On Winter at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum.

It was my second Blog On Conference and it didn’t disappoint.

Keynote Speakers

There were great speakers – Olivia from Liv’s Recovery Kitchen spoke about her addiction and her recovery journey which was very inspiring.

The closing keynote speaker was Darrell with the Art of Being Brilliant. His talk was amazingly uplifting and his message was simple. It’s our choice to be happy and we need to focus on choosing happiness. I’m actually tempted to buy the book.

Blog On Seminars

I had a problem in that there were so many great seminars I wanted to hit.

First up was “Falling Back In Love With Your Blog” with Michelle from The Joy Chaser. Such a great session where we focused on why we blog, what we love doing, what we’re passionate about and whether our blog is focused on our passion or not. Pretty much if you’re writing about things you’re passionate about then you’re going to love it!

Fall Back in Love

Second one I was debating between going to the “12 Weeks of Christmas – Brand Collaboration with Gemma from Type The Hype or “Planning Creative Blog Content – Finding Inspiration from the Seasons”. I ended up going to the Type The Hype one which was good but the foodie one looked awesome! Anca showed me her creations and they were fantastic!

Third session was my choice between You Tube Technical or The Dad Network. Since I’ve started vlogging I opted for the YouTube Technical although I was rather gutted to have missed Al’s session as I’m sure it would be brilliant. I learnt a few tips for the You Tube session which I’ve yet to put into practice.

And with the man himself! Thanks for the pic @thatchamdad 👍 #BlogOnMSI

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For the fourth session I had already decided to go for Tim’s Building Your Brand session. Very informative and I finally got to meet Tim!


There were a number of different brands in attendance including Canvas Holidays, Jet2Holidays, Paladone, Simbrix to name but a few. I had a great time at the Canvas Holidays stand thinking of my dream European destination. I couldn’t make up my mind but in the end I opted for Budapest so I could go to the Hungarian GP!

I’d like to visit Budapest (during the F1 would be fab!) #blogonmsi #blogoncanvas

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Cake sponsored by Sambro

Oh and there was CAKE! Not only was there this wonderful show stopper creation but also we got to have a go at decorating cupcakes with Sarah from New Adventures in Cake! Not a bad attempt I thought! I need to master the art of icing cupcakes.

Cake decorating

Goodie Bag

As always the Blog On goodie bag was excellent – the above photos shows what was in the goodie bag or that was handed out by brands on the day. I’l post more about the goodie bag in a separate post.

Fellow Bloggers

Of course the main thing about an event like this is meeting fellow bloggers. As noted above I met Al and Tim. I also met Donna and Maddy. And Anca but unfortunately I didn’t get to spend much time with Anca this time as we were heading to different sessions. I did however catch Emmie and got a great selfie with her – oh yes, she takes better selfies than me! 😀

With @emmiecat18 😘 #blogonMSI

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Did you attend Blog On this year? Have I convinced you that you NEED to attend next year?


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  1. 9th Oct 2016 / 12:23 am

    Thanks for the shout-out – was lovely to meet you. No matter how much time there is outside of the sessions at events like this, there’s never enough time to have enough of a conversation with everyone, is there?

  2. Ami Mymummyspam
    9th Oct 2016 / 8:38 pm

    It looks like you had an amazing time!! I’m so jealous that I couldn’t go 😭

  3. RachelSwirl
    10th Oct 2016 / 12:21 am

    It was a fab day, look forward to doing it all again.

  4. 11th Oct 2016 / 10:56 am

    It was lovely to see you, even for a short while. xx I hope we can see each other soon, we are thinking of making a trip to Caernarfon, to see the poppies. x

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