September – Liked and Loved

I’m a bit late to the party but I’m finally getting round to posting about all the good stuff that happened in September!

1 – Here Be Dragons

Oh my word this has been the BEST thing of this month! How awesome is it?!

2 – School

Little Miss has started pre-school and she’s loving it! She comes home and tells me what she’s been doing. There’s a lot of painting being done but also she’s counting and has finally mastered “pedwar”. She can now count to 10 in both Welsh and English.

3 – Potty Training

We’re also in the middle of potty training. She’s not doing too bad but we’ve still not cracked the “number 2”. 

4 – Christmas Shopping

Smyths Toys had a 20% off weekend and we slayed it! Managed to get the girls’ prezzies sorted! Job done!

5 – Blog On

I attended my second BlogOn conference at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum. A blog post is coming soon but in he meantime check out the video!

6 – Red Dwarf

Series 11 of Red Dwarf is now on Dave! Yay!!! We’re now two episodes in and all I can say is that the second episode has pretty much given my hubby an asthma attack that he was laughing so hard!

7 – Wedding Anniversary

It was out fourth wedding anniversary this year and we managed a night out. We persuaded my Mam to babysit and headed out to Jade Village for a Chinese. It was great!
8 – Payday

I know there’s a payday every month but this month I’ve been looking forward to it so much! It’s been a long 5 week month!

9 – Vlogging

I’ve been doing some vlogs at the weekends and trying to expand my YouTube videos

10 – A Little Break

I took a mini break from the blog – about a week. But it was enough for me to feel envigorated and now I feel more enthusiastic about the blog. 

How was your September? 

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  1. 14th Oct 2016 / 5:09 am

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!! xx
    It’s great Little Miss loves pre-school, makes her life so much better. Some kids don’t like being left at pre-school and it’s stressful for them.

  2. 14th Oct 2016 / 9:57 am

    The dragon is AMAZING!! Wish I could see it.

    Happy belated wedding anniversary.

  3. 26th Oct 2016 / 10:13 pm

    A belated happy anniversary 🙂 It’s great how you and your hubby share so many interests! Also love that dragon. Thanks for linking up to #LikedandLoved lovely

    Stevie x

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