May Bucket List

May Bucket List

I’m a bit late to the party this month seeing as we’re already mid way into May but it’s time for another monthly bucket list! Before I get into May Bucket List, let’s take a look at what I did for April.

April Completed Items

– Clear out all the shoes and coats from the red room
– Sort out my clothes – I’m going to be ruthless and apply my friend’s method of sorting clothes. If not worn in the last two years then it’s being thrown out!
– Get back into a blogging schedule
– Start tidying the garden ready for Summer!

By start tidying the garden what I actually mean is that someone has cut the grass. We still have the veggie patch to sort out.

May Bucket List

– Take dogs for a walk at once a week
– Sort out the cutlery drawer
– Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
– Tidy up the cables around the computer
– Sort out the veggie patch
– Catch up with the mountain of penpal letters! (Sorry I’m such a rubbish penpal!)
– Carry on with posting at least 3 blog posts per week!
– Finish categorising all the uncategorised blog posts (394 left to do!)
– Find someone to work on our eaves storage solution
– Get tickets for the new The Tenderloins tour!!  *

The main priority for me is trying to take the dogs for a walk. Poor little things haven’t seen anywhere but the garden for the last couple of months. I really have no excuse now since it’s lighter in the evening. The days are extending and I should be able to manage it!

(* by the time this post went live I had already managed this! Birmingham here we come!!)

What have you got on your May Bucket List


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  1. 11th May 2017 / 11:38 am

    You did everything in April! Well done! x Good luck with the blog, it will take a long time to sort things out. I keep postponing doing something similar because it’s not fun at all.

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