Impractical Jokers – Santiago Sent Us Tour

Impractical Jokers - The Santiago Sent Us Tour

I can’t even start to tell you how excited I was to manage to nab tickets to see the Impractical Jokers’ second tour in the UK. And on Thursday we took a trip though the snow(*) to Manchester Arena to see the Santiago Sent Us tour.

* the snowstorm that was expected did not hit as hard as we imagined but we did get snow as we were leaving Manchester

Owen Benjamin

The opening act was Owen Benjamin – never heard of him before but he was hilarious! American comedian/songwriter.  He was such fun! Actually pretty talented with the piano hence his website address Huge Penis Pianist

Impractical Jokers / The Tenderloins

Manchester with the @impracticaljokersofficial

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( This was the group photo from Manchester. You can’t see us I don’t think but we were there – top left somewhere! Please note this is NOT my photo – taken by the awesome Joe Papeo so go send him some love)

Then the fellas came on stage and the whole place erupts! We weren’t at the front as we were last time but we had a great view in any case. I couldn’t get amazing photos but meh who cares? We got tickets to one of the most sought after shows of the year!

During the show, the guys showed some unseen footage from Impractical Jokers and oh my god we were crying with laughter! I hope they show it on TV someday because I want to see it again! They closed the show on the same clip as the last one but it was actually amazing to hear approx 15,000 people all go “uuuuurrrrghhhhh” at the same time! Haha!

They’ll Be Back! 

My swag! @thetenderloins #santiagosentustour @trutvjokers #thetenderloins

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I want to see the whole tour again! And the good news is that they’re coming back to the UK in October! Next time I am forking out for the meet and greet tickets!! I don’t care how much they cost WE WILL BE MEETING THEM!

Meet and Greet

(This was from last year but I LOVE it!)

If we had stayed by the stage door  we would’ve met Murr and Joe again. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay because a) the snow had arrived and it was closing in, b) we had to get home ASAP as we were both working the following day. But I was browsing Instagram on Friday and got well jealous of some of the photos! I got chatting with some lovely people on Instagram and they said that Joe & Murr came out within an hour of the show but Q and Sal didn’t. Mucho props to them for coming to greet the fans.

Did you manage to see the show? Are you as excited as me that they’ll be back in October?!


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