2021 The Year That Was
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2021 – The Year That Was

2021 The Year That Was

Considering we are now at the end of the first month of 2022 already, I am a bit late in sharing my 2021 year in review. However before I get into 2022 properly I feel like I need to look back – I don’t want 2021 to be lost into the ether. Where do we start? Well 2021 was yet another year living under the cloud of a global pandemic. Even so, there were good bits.

UK Getaways & Days Out

Selfie in front of South Stack lighthouse

Our postponed Disney trip ended up being cancelled so we had a few UK getaways instead. A trip down to Gloucestershire where we went for a trip on the Dean Forest Railway (which I’ve yet to write about come to think of it!). Then there was a week in Nottinghamshire where we visited Sherwood Forest Railway and Wheelgate Park. We were very lucky at Wheelgate Park where the weather was absolutely amazing and the kids got to play in the waterpark.

And there was a trip down to South of England to the Fully Charged Live Outside event! All about electric cars which was interesting. And of course I got to meet Robert Llewelyn (Kryten!) again!

As for days out I finally managed to visit Bodnant Garden and Ynys Lawd (South Stack), took the kids over Pontcysyllte, spent days with friends including a trip to Llandudno on the Great Orme Tramway and a beach day in Talacre.

Ffestiniog Railway

Locomotive Welsh Pony at Harbour Station, Porthmadog
Locomotive Welsh Pony at Harbour Station, Porthmadog

After rediscovering the Railway (Ffestiniog of course… is there any other that can compare?) in 2019, I vowed that 2020 would be the year I returned. Well thanks to the pandemic that plan was postponed but came to fruition in 2021 instead.

I became an official volunteer in 2021 and tagged along to help film almost every event including special charter to Blaenau, the Bygones Weekend and a trip to Statfold Barn.

Blaenau Ffestiniog

Selfie of an out of breath Rebecca with Stwlan Dam and Resevoir in the background. Moelwyn mountain behind.
Walked up to Stwlan – rather out of breath but worth it!

Speaking of special charters to Blaenau, I’m pleased to be able to look back at 2021 and say I spent more time up in Blaenau. Not only chasing trains but I went for some great walks to Cwmorthin and finally walked up to Stwlan with the girls. And I reconnected with my Dad… although that needs more effort on my part this year.


Rebecca and her Nain smiling to camera
Fi bia Nain, a Nain bia fi

Ah one big plus with spending more time in Blaenau is that I saw more of my Nain. Little did I know that 2021 would be the last year she was with us.

Sadly she passed away at the end of November and I miss her so much. I miss our daily chats and I miss putting the world to right with her. I still don’t believe she’s gone to be honest.

The Flying Scotsman & Tornado

The Flying Scotsman at Preston Station​
The Flying Scotsman at Preston Station

In October we went on a trip on the Flying Scotsman – one of the most famous trains in the world! It was a great day out despite the various mishaps (including almost getting stranded in Preston).

Silverstone Lap of Lights

Rebecca soaking in the atmosphere of the grid at night whilst the photographers do their thing
The kind folk of Silverstone invited me back this year to the media preview for their Christmas event – Lap of Lights.

It was at the end of November and the week my Nain was in hospital. I very nearly didn’t go but my Nain told me to go and enjoy myself… and so I for once, I listened to her and went.

I’m so glad I did! I dragged my best friend along and it was an amazing day out and exactly what I needed. The event itself was fantastic and well worth the trip down there. Thanks to my friend I managed to end up on the grid whilst all the photographers were doing their thing. It’s a rather surreal experience standing on the grid with Ant Davidson and Santa casually discussing the Mercedes 2019 car.

So how was 2021 for you?

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