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Bullet Journal (or an excuse to doodle)

Bullet Journal - an excuse to doodle

During 2016 I came across the idea of a Bullet Journal. If you haven’t heard about it let me tell you it’s basically a simple planner system which is aimed to keep you organised. It’d be worth watching the video over at the Bullet Journal website.

After reading about it I came across Kara Benz’ site Boho Berry who introduced me to the whole wonderful world of planners and the like and I joined the Boho Berry Tribe on Facebook. There are amazing people over on that group that inspired me to start my own Bullet Journal.

First Bullet Journal – The Works Bicycle Notebook

Old Bullet Journal

During 2016 I started a Bullet Journal as a way to help me keep track of things I needed to do, things that were happening and basically where the hell everyone was! Especially since Little Miss has now started school and has invites to birthday parties every week!

As with any new porject it started off well but by around October it had fallen by the wayside. Probably the main reason is because my notebook fell apart!

Second Bullet Journal – A6 Moleskine

New Bullet Journal

Around November I thought I’m going to give this another! So I invested in a mini Moleskine dotted notebook. I actually thought I had bought an A5 version but alas I had bought an A6 version. Not ideal but it’s good enough. The best thing about it being A6 is that it fits in my coat pocket.

One mistake I made with the old one is that I setup my spreads for the whole month. With this one I am not doing that. I am setting them one week at a time. And I only setup this week’s today!

Some Resources and Supplies

So if you fancy setting up your own Bullet Journal then you’re going to need supplies! Here’s my list of supplies:

  • notebook – any will do but the most popular seem to be the Leuchtturm 1917 and the Moleskines
  • pens/pencils – my personal favourites are the Steadtler Fineliners
  • awesome printables – like the one saying “Today Is Going To Be Awesome” then look no further than Kara’s shop Boho Berry Paperie!
  • inspiration – Pinterest is a good source and of course the Boho Berry Tribe!

PCG – Planner Girls Collective

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Are you a Bullet Journal-ist?


  1. I’ve been using a bullet journal on an off since May 2015 when I started in a lined notebook from Sainsbury.
    Since then I’ve been drawn into the world of Moleskine/Leuchtturm notebooks and have been slowly adapting my process (which is the one thing I love about bullet journalling).
    PS I love your sketches!

  2. This is awesome! I love the dragon. My doodling would be like stars and hearts – I can’t do actual pictures :-/

  3. I am addicted to my journals. I have one rough one for daily scrawlings and one that I love just for lists of things I want/need/want to achieve etc etc.

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