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Latest Stationery Purchases

Latest Stationery Purchases

A little later than planned but it’s time for another PCG post with a round up of my latest stationery purchases! Yesterday I had the afternoon off work to do nothing! Ended up going out to get supplies to see me through #InCoWriMo! Ahh happy days!

The Works

First stop for me was The Works since they sell some wonderfully (cheap!) stationery. Stationery purchases include:

  • £3.00 – “Hand Lettering Handbook” – a random purchase but I want to try and do some fancypants lettering!
  • £3.00 – Watercolour felt pens – I’m fascinated by the pens that Kara of Boho Berry uses to colour in her Bullet Journal so I tried these. Yeah cheap pens don’t work as they bleed! But kids will love them so not an absolute waste of money.
  • £6.00 – 6 packs of notecards – perfect for #InCoWriMo!

Stationery purchases

Craft Centre Cymru

Who knew that postcards were difficult to find? Ended up in here as a last resort really but found that there’s some really great stuff in there! Purchases include:

  • £5.00 – 2 x “Ewe” fridge magnets made from real wool
  • £2.00 – 4 x local scenes postcards

Stermat Hardware

OK I know this may not be a stationery purchase but I needed somewhere to keep all of my bits and bobs. Purchases include:

  • £9.99 – 4 drawer storage tower

All in all not a bad little “haul”! I may have already filled the storage tower so I may have to invest in another. As it turns out you can add to it as you want which is really handy. However I can’t keep buying stationery or I’ll get addicted! Just thinking back to my gel pen addiction when I was a teen…. more money than sense!

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What are your latest stationery purchases?

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  1. You got some lovely things. I like the storage tower, it’s so much easier to find everything if you have them in drawers.

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