#OffDutyDenim Challenge with @GeorgeAtAsda

Ever since having MissMostyn I’ve been wanting to get new jeans. Now if truth be told I hate having to find new jeans because I’m the sort of person who finds a pair of jeans and will wear it until there’s holes in it!

So when George At Asda challenged me to 48 Hours in Denim (#OffDutyDenim) I thought “Right! Time to get new jeans!” Here are the items I chose:

George #OffDutyDenim

(click on the image to see it in more detail)

Wonderfit Bootcut Jeans
– £20
Stripe Top – £12.00 (now on sale at £6.00!)
Embellished Thin Knit Black Jumper – £14.00
Embellished Bootcut Jeans – £10.00
Straight Leg Distressed Jeans – £14.40 (similar ones here)
Minnie & Mickey t-shirt –  £8.00

I had planned on doing this challenge last weekend but I forgot to take the bag with me! So one week later here’s how I fared at the challenge!

Day 1

My day in denim started off quite late because we got up later than normal. But by 11am I’d dressed and showered and was ready to get started…


Tah-dah!!! Day 1 of #OffDutyDenim with @georgeatasda

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We went to Nain & Taid’s for lunch and to watch the Sheffield Wednesday match on their Sky Sports. Here we are on our way…

More #OffDutyDenim in action @georgeatasda A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on


Spent a nice enough afternoon at Nain & Taid’s and had a nice lunch. Whilst everyone was watching football – and Little Miss playing with Thomas – I managed to get some blogging done…. although I did cheer as Sheffield Wednesday scored. Shame that Hull eventually equalised and that it ended up as a draw.

Afterwards we headed home so we could watch the rugby – Wales v Australia quarter final. I changed into my 2011 World Cup shirt and got MissMostyn changed and fed ready for the game.


Ready for the rugby in my #OffDutyDenim and 2011 #rwc shirt! #rsavwal @georgeatasda

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Thanks to the result – Wales lost and so were out of the World Cup (boo!) we couldn’t be bothere d to go out for food which we had planned. As a result I didn’t get to wear the silky top I’d bought to pair off with either the Wonderfit jeans or the Embellished jeans.

Black silky top

Draped Top – £12.00

Day 2 After another lie in on Sunday morning we eventually got up. After a shower and dressing the girls we all had breakfast – no day can start off well without a panad in my opinion! Oh and every morning starts off with trying to fend off the dogs! They are greedy pups! Panad & Megs Whilst hubby hoovered the stairs I had some cuddles with my girlies.. who were also taking part in the denim challenge. Little Miss was wearing a black pair of George jeans with her Minnie Mouse hoodie – a look I love! Miss Mostyn was sporting a pair of pink jeans (which may or may not have been George – not actually sure where these came from). Girly jeansCuddles After we finished tidying up we headed out to do some shopping. I decided to give the Wonderfit jeans a go so teamed them up with the stripey top. Oh my word they are so comfy! They fit so wonderfully which is clearly why they’re called Wonderfit!   We Tesco for some groceries and The Range to get some crafts stuff for Little Miss. Also mother in law wanted us to have a look for some mirrors which inspired the following selfie.

Out and about in my #wonderfit jeans #OffDutyDenim #latergram A photo posted by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on



So as you can see, you can style the jeans any which way you want – casual with a tee and trainers or smart with a nice top and heels. Pretty much these George jeans would go with anything. All 3 pairs were comfy but the Wonderfit pair were super comfy and I would definitely buy another pair of them.

I should point out that as a mother you’re never Off Duty but even so I enjoyed the challenge… here’s another photo to prove I’m never off duty!

(This post was a collaborative post with George. All opinions are my own)


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  1. 21st Oct 2015 / 1:13 pm

    Jeans are so versatile and, with kids, I imagine is much easier to grab a pair and be comfy all day x

  2. 23rd Oct 2015 / 1:19 am

    We get George here too 🙂 these jeans are cute and I love the Minnie Mouse top!

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