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As a busy mother of two, it’s fair to say that I would do anything to have a six month holiday twice a year – but that just isn’t possible. I wish! Instead, I spend most of my days dreaming of far-off holidays with my wonderful family, where we get to enjoy each other’s company, frolic on beautiful beaches, enjoy the great outdoors, and even take our two mucky pups along with us. Although my husband and I have previously spent our hard-earned money on package holidays, we have recently realised how amazing a good ol’ road trip is. Because of this, I have put together a list of the perfect destinations for a family road trip which has got me dreaming of driving the open road with a Peppa Pig audiobook on in the background! What could be better?

Ouddorp, Netherlands

Last year, my family and I had the time of our lives when we took a drive down to Longleat to see what Centre Parcs had to offer – and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Although we would happily return to another Centre Parcs location in the UK, they also offer various parks across Europe. The park in Ouddorp offers families all of the luxuries of Centre Parcs under its roof while being surrounded by the awesome beaches of The Netherlands. As if this wasn’t enough to press “book now” on the website, the drive to the Netherlands will also take your breath away. From iconic windmills to fairytale castles and natural ecoducts, this family road trip will definitely be one to remember.

San Diego, California

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I’ve always been California Dreaming of an American road trip – and San Diego is one of the best starting points for any family. Yet, no trip to San Diego would be complete without a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to the famous Yosemite National Park. Although we can’t drive from North Wales to America (unless we invest in a hovercraft), I’ve heard that it is incredibly easy to hire a car in America. According to The Secret Traveler, car rental companies often have unadvertised discounts that can save any family money in the long run. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Dordogne, France

Considering the UK is so close to France, it would be silly not to take advantage of the fact that we could be driving on the wrong side of the road and exploring what the country has to offer in just a matter of hours. One of the destinations on our family road trip bucket list is Dordogne – which is a haven for families! Considering this town is slap bang in the middle of France, it will take around 8 hours to drive from Calais to Dordogne, but it will be worth it. This medieval town offers old-school culture with modern entertainment, including historic castles with guided tours, to adventure parks that will keep my daughters (and my husband) entertained for hours.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

I spend so much of my time dreaming of idyllic Caribbean beaches that I often forget we have awesome family road trip destinations just hours away, and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland is the next on our list. This circular route takes tourists and family road trippers alike on a 111-mile round-trip that showcases everything County Kerry has to offer – which is a heck of a lot! From tiny stone villages to natural lakes and national parks to the mountains and hills, this route is perfect for families who are looking to take themselves off the grip and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. I know my mucky pooches would love to let loose in the great outdoors…

Although I love package holidays and hotels, nothing comes close to spending time with my husband and daughters on an awesome road trip. Do you have any more destination ideas for the perfect family road trip? Let me know in the comments!

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