Russell and Lyd at Caernarfon Station
Heritage Railways

WHR100 – Welsh Highland Railway 100th Birthday

It’s almost a month since the Welsh Highland Railway celebrated its 100th birthday! And to celebrate this centenary there was a weekend of heritage trains operating over both the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways and the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway. Here’s some of my personal highlights.

Double Heading Double Fairlies

Double Heading Double Fairlies

On Friday afternoon there was a double header of Double Fairlies heading from Porthmadog to Rhyd Ddu. I had great fun chasing this one – not only are the Double Fairlies my favourite engines but the best clip I took of the whole weekend was during this chase. Thanks to my chauffeur I was able to pace the Double Fairlies along the stretch from Pont Croesor to Ynsyfor crossing.

Chasing Trains with Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn

We had a visiting celebrity with us for the weekend – non other than the wonderful Mr Tim Dunn. I got absolutely drenched chasing down the Double Fairlies with him on the Friday. I was due to take the Russell Special on Sunday morning with him but alas work duties took over so our train trip was cancelled. Not to worry, we’re planning another one soon!

Russell on the WHR

Russell and Lyd at Caernarfon Station

Russell is one of the flagship engines of the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway. It was brilliant to see it out on the Welsh Highland Railway. It just shows how far both railways have come to be able to work together. Although I don’t know much I’m aware there’s been some rivalry between the railways in the past. It doesn’t matter anymore as seeing both railways work together over the centenary weekend was fabulous! And seeing Russell double head to Caernarfon with Lyd (a F&WHR engine) was the icing on the cake. (However the best photo of the double header has to be this one from Chris Parry).

Ffestiniog Engines on the WHR

Blanche on the WHHR line

Another thing with the co-operation between the railways is that some of the Ffestiniog engines were operating over at the WHHR during the weekend. Both Blanche and Lilla were operating trains between Porthmadog and Pen Y Mount.

Gelert’s Farm Activities

Over at the WHHR’s Gelert’s Farm sheds there were some wonderful stalls including the model railways. Also at Gelert’s Farm was the Baldwin “590” which unfortunately was not out in steam over the weekend due to a problem. Hopefully it’ll be back out in steam soon.

Fun Times at the WHR100

Of course as always, the real highlight for me was having fun with my Moving Pictures friends. It’s always a blast getting to hang out with those guys – even if we get soaked to the skin when filming. Plus it ends up in a truly wonderful video…. 

All in all it was a great weekend despite the weather! Here’s to the next 100 years!

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