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#AD Anchor Bay, Malta

Anchor Bay, Malta - six different images from Anchor Bay including the Popeye village, a boat on the water, one of the Popeye buildings, Popeye's boat and the view to sea

(This is a collaborative post with Holiday Gems)

As you know, I do love where I live… Snowdonia can’t be beaten in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like visiting other places. It’s been a while since we’ve been abroad, but today I’m taking you to Anchor Bay in Malta. It’s almost 4 years since we’ve been and I’ll be honest, I’m tempted yo go back again this year. If you’re tempted then Holiday Gems has cheap all inclusive deals.

Anchor Bay

A boat moored at Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay is nestled in the North West corner of the island of Malta. It’s approx 2 miles (3km) from the popular destination of Melleiha Bay. We took a day trip there whilst we were staying at Melleiha Bay Hotel. It’s a bit of a secluded spot but absolutely stunning! Definitely a hidden gem in my book.

Anchor Bay - the view out to sea. Beautiful blue waters, jagged rocky cliffs and perfect blue sky

You can go swimming there and the day we went there were inflatables anchored out in the cove. We didn’t know about this when we went so we didn’t have our swimming gear on. Gutted! So TOP TIP – take your swimming gear if you’re visiting!

I’ve also been told it’s a popular spot to go scuba diving. If I was braver I would love to take up diving and visit here. It sounds amazing!

Popeye Village

Popeye Village at Anchor Bay

The main attraction in Anchor Bay is of course the Popeye Village. It’s where they filmed the musical Popeye (starring the late great Robin Williams). In fact the village was created especially for the film and to this day remains a popular tourist attraction. The buildings are still as they are from the film – bright and colourful. Some have been converted to a cinema, a restaurant and a museum. The cinema shows a film about the history of making the movie. You can also find the film Popeye on loop in another building – although I have yet to see it in full.

Two of the brightly coloured buildings and Emyr posing with a Popeye cutout

You might come across some famous people at the village. We were lucky enough to bump into Olive Oyl the day we were there. I can confirm she’s adorable! Other famous faces include Popeye (of course!) and Bluto although do watch out if these two start having a go.

Have you ever been to Anchor Bay?


Anchor Bay in Malta is a lovely little place. The village was purpose built as the set of the Popeye film featuring the late great Robin Williams. The set is now operated as a tourist attraction and is wonderfully nostalgic. However, Anchor Bay itself provides opportunity for some seaside fun with the most amazing place to swim. When we were there they also had giant inflatables in the bay to play on so DON'T FORGET YOUR SWIMMING COSTUMES!


  1. I had to work in Malta for a few days last year…it’s a beautiful country. We want to
    visit again to explor properly!

  2. Wow I esali understand why you love this place, is stunning! I was in Malta 6 years ago and loved it so much! need to come back 🙂
    xx Dasynka

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