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Dogs are part of the family aren’t they? And Christmas is family-time isn’t it? So the dogs should be included in your dog safe Christmas planning. Now I’ll be honest and say that the dog I had growing up (Jimmy Jones who was a Christmas present) used to get a box of Maltesers as a present. Of course I know now that chocolates are not fit for dogs. But there are alternatives to be had!

Dog Bowl and Christmas Mat

Eat Up and Carry On Christmas themed mat and dog bowl

On Christmas day, we use the best crockery and have everything matching. So it’s only fair that the dogs are also included right? The lovely ceramic dog bowl and Christmas mat to put underneath will be perfect to feed the dogs their Christmas dinner! Having said that, you need to be careful what their Christmas dinner consists of. From experience I can tell you not to give them too much turkey and avoid stuffing like the plague! It will cause upset stomachs for both dogs and you… NOT what you need to be doing on Christmas evening…. especially after all that food and drink! 😉

Maybe avoid human food and give them some dog friendly alternatives. We were sent a doggie hamper by the lovely people of More Th>n which included some lovely dog safe items for the pups for Christmas….

Carnilove Salmon and Turkey Wet Dog Food

I haven’t given our dogs any wet food for years. But I might give them some of this as their Christmas dinner on Christmas Day.

Goodboy Dog Treats

Goodboy dog treats and dog food including a dog safe Christmas cracker

Goodboy have some lovely dog-safe Christmas dog treats available including Doggy Mice Pies, Crunchy Christmas Cracker and Festive Treat assortment box. All of them are safe for dogs.

Advent Calendar

Another Goodboy product – the advent calendar for dogs! 24 mini dog safe chocolates for the advent period. It’s only fair that the pups get an advent calendar when the girls get some as well.

Dog Bed and Blanket

Two tone brown dog bed and fleecy blanket

Also in the hamper was a warm fleecey dog bed and blanket. This is the perfect present for my dogs this year as they have just recently destroyed the bed they had. Plus they’ll need something to sleep off all that food! The bed is so soft that my eldest has been using it as a cushion whilst watching films – the dogs haven’t been in it yet!

Dog Toys

Pile of dog toys

If they’re not in the mood for a snooze then they can play with some of their new toys. We’ve been given a squeeky duck, a squeeky turkey sandwich and a squeeky rubber house toy. The squeeky house toy is so loud! It won’t last long though with Megs around. She will destroy the squeeker!

So I think the Christmas hamper we received means our pups will be having a fabulous dog safe Christmas this year! If you want to see more then how about an unboxing video…

Have you got a dog safe Christmas planned?

(We were sent a hamper of goodies from More Th>n in order to compile this post)

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