Easter Holiday Tantrums

The Terrible Twos

Well people did warn me about the terrible twos and boy they weren’t wrong! Little Miss is now 27 months (or 2 years 3 months – I still count in months because Miss Mostyn is still in months!)

I had my Nain over the weekend before Easter and she got to see the tantrums as well! She was worried that there was something wrong and I informed her that this is apparently normal!

So that particular weekend we’ve had tantrums because….

1) No more crisps – she had a packet of crisps and once it was finished asked for more but when I said that we didn’t have anymore she had a full blown tantrum including flailing arms and kicking legs.

2) No more chocolate – I gave her half of her Easter egg but clearly that wasn’t enough!

3) Waking up – she woke up all smiley but then suddenly we had a tantrum but not entirely sure why!

4) Biscuit barrel being taken away – I had left the biscuit barrel on the sofa overnight and she found it. She proceeded to take two biccies out but didn’t eat them so hubby took the barrel away. BIG mistake!

5) Not playing “si-so” – we’ve bought a new mattress and it’s currently rolled up in the spare room. She was sliding down it playing what she called “si-so” but when I told her that was enough we had another tantrum and the floppy-doll routine!

Oh it’s all fun and games in our house! To be fair, there’s not much hope for her since I’m now 32 and can also have a proper strop!!

Have you had to deal with stroppy toddlers? Any tips?


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  1. Ben
    10th Apr 2016 / 12:55 pm

    Having a tantrum from waking up – that’s hilarious! I used to be a swimming teacher and taught all ages but some of the young ones could throw some crazy tantrums. If I took a toy away or told them we were doing a different activity a meltdown could follow! Also ‘si-so’ sounds like a great game to me! Good luck!!

    • 10th Apr 2016 / 11:01 pm

      I totally get the waking up tantrum because it’s something I’d do! But the fact that she woke up smiley and then decided that no a tantrum was needed! What I really don’t get is the not going to sleep ones. Trust me babies, you will be begging for sleep one day!!

      Oh no never take a toy away! The tantrum is not worth it!! And yes the “si-so” game was fun! 🙂

  2. 24th Apr 2016 / 5:25 pm

    I remember my brother throwing tantrums when he was little – usually because he didn’t want to go into “girly” clothes shops. He would lie on the floor of the shopping centre kicking his legs and screaming! I was 9/10 and found it sooo embarrassing. He grew out of it and ironically now LOVES fashion and regularly advises me on clothes when I’m over.

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