Miffy’s Back!!

Miffy on Tiny Pop

What another blog post? Well yes because I found out that Miffy is back on telly this week and I wanted to tell the world!

Miffy – who was created by Dick Bruna 60 years ago – has been CGIfied and is back in her own show  (Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small) on pre-school channel Tiny Pop from 7pm Friday October 2nd. Miffy will be part of Tiny Pop’s Cuddle Time which features gentle programming allowing parents and children to enjoy calmer family favourites before bedtime. It’ll be better than having to watch Finding Nemo again!


Despite the fact she’s been updated to CGI (which normally I don’t like – 80s Thomas is so much better than it’s modern day counterpart), Miffy is still the timeless classic with her lovely  crosshair facial features. I’ve always loved Miffy and I’m glad that she still looks the same – in fact looks fab for 60 eh?!

Miffy will be joined in her 7 minute episodes by new characters and voiced by children. Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small will see Miffy explore the world around her and will feature simple words and cheerful songs which I’m sure Little Miss will sing along to eventually. There’s going to be 52 episodes in total so we’ll have plenty to watch!


So will you be joining me & Little Miss on Friday to watch Miffy’s welcome return on Tiny Pop? Friday October 2nd 7pm on Tiny Pop! Join in using the #miffytime hashtag

(This was a sponsored post on behalf of Miffy but I am genuinely excited to watch Miffy this Friday!)


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  1. 30th Sep 2015 / 5:03 pm

    I only know Miffy as a book character – never seen the TV version. She’s so cute though.

    • Becster
      12th Oct 2015 / 9:23 pm

      She is a cutie! She’s now plastecine CGI but still cute!

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