Six photos from March 2022. From top left to right: Rebecca at Tanygrisiau Dam, slow worm found on the Cob, sunset at Dinas Dinlle, Bottom left to right: sunset behind the Moelwyn as seen from the park at Oakley Square, the view from the far outlet of Tanygrisiau Dam (tadpole spotting) and Rebecca giving a thumbs up before a day of filming at the Ffestiniog Railway
Life Updates

2022 Highlights

Newsflash… I’m still alive! I will admit that I’ve been neglecting the blog of late…. so let me try and get things back on track (no pun intended) by reviewing 2022! Yes I know we’re half way through February already but January is always a blur with my job. Anyhoo… […]

Santa Trains in Snowdonia
Heritage Railways

Santa Trains 2022

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR 2022 – HOORAY FOR THE RETURN OF SANTA TRAINS! If you’re a longtime follower you may have noticed that I love steam engines. What better way to recreate my childhood memories with my girls than by combining my long term love of steam with […]